Arizona HIV Testing Law

  • Revised in September 2008
  • No written consent form required for HIV testing
  • No formal pre or post test counseling is required with a HIV test
  • Verbal consent is sufficient for a HIV test
  • HIV testing can be incorporated into general medical consent  that is signed by each patient prior to initiating medical care
  • It is recommended but NOT required that the provider document that written or oral consent information was given to the patient

Why should HIV testing laws promote increasing HIV screening?

  • As of February 2010 over 14,000 Arizonans were known to be living with HIV1
  • This number likely only accounts for 79% of the actual HIV positive population in Arizona2
  • When people are aware that they are HIV positive they tend to practice safer sex3
  • Early diagnosis and treatment can improve medical outcomes and decrease probability of future transmission4



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